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Established in 1908, our company has been one of the industry’s leading industrial machine knife manufacturers for over a century. Today, we are proud to be able to say TGW is still owned by the original Wolstenholme family who founded it over a century ago.

With an unrelenting focus on quality craftsmanship, TGW knives are created to the highest standard with the latest in the discipline of machine knife manufacturing. Laser cutting, CNC machining, precision grinding, heat treatment, forming, and polishing are all carried out with unwavering attention to the tiniest details, creating an end product of unparalleled quality and durability.

We’re proud of our legacy of leadership in the industrial machine knife industry. Today, we introduce our brand new website as part of our ongoing focus to reinforce and affirm our position as one of the world’s foremost industrial machine knife manufacturers. For our customers, this holds considerable value.

Our new tagline says it all: “Knowledge Leader. Valued Partner. Superior Quality. Delivered.”

To me, as the president of TGW International, this is much more than a combination of words. The CEO of TGW Global, Richard Wolstenholme, and I embrace this as a creed by which we guide our customer relationships. Here’s what it means for you:

Knowledge Leader

At TGW, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of our industry, becoming leaders in knowledge and innovation in the world of quality knives. Our team of experienced professionals is available when you need us, to provide technical assistance and place your order, helping you select the best products for your application and needs.

Our company offers a wide selection of knives, all of which are made to OEM specifications and approved for professional use worldwide. Our experts provide consultation to clients in a wide range of industries. The disciplines in which we operate include food processing, packaging, printing, and converting.

As world-class knowledge leaders in the latest knife technology, we work with our customers to provide solutions for their highly specialized industrial applications.

Valued Partner

At TGW, our relationship with our customers goes far beyond simply making the sale and filling the order. We also provide much-needed consultation, helping our customers identify gaps and better understand what they need to do the job right. Our employees cater to a variety of industries and applications, working together with our customers for long term planning and success. We have programs in place that enable us to help our customers manage their inventory levels to the optimum level for both product availability and budget efficiency.

Superior Quality

All knives are not created equal, and the quality of materials and manufacturing make a massive difference in a knife’s usefulness, longevity, and durability. TGW knives are built to last, designed for heavy-duty, precision, and highly specialized applications.

We start by sourcing from only the finest European steelmakers, with whom we’ve cultivated strong and long-term professional relationships. Whether it’s strip or annealed material that will later be heat treated in-house, we only purchase steel that’s fully certified and fully traceable through both the suppliers’ and our own quality assurance programs. We own our own factories and control the process start to finish for a level of consistency that is unsurpassed.

Beginning with high-quality steel, we manufacture all of our knives to OEM standards, allowing TGW International to become an approved supplier for major machine builders worldwide. Our materials, manufacturing, and engineering expertise come together to result in final products that are second to none.


When it comes to knowledge, partnership, and quality products, we deliver without fail. And since we do own our own factories, we can also deliver in timelines about which our competitors can only dream. We’ve established a reputation as a global leader in industrial machine knife manufacturing. We’ve earned the trust of thousands of top global manufacturers across a range of industries who have come to rely on us for stability and the ability to provide quality machine knives.

At TGW, our unwavering dedication to quality products, strong professional relationships, and knowledge leadership has established us as one of the world’s foremost industrial machine knife manufacturers. Our branding may be new, but our core values have remained the same for more than a century.

Richard and I invite you to explore our new website, connect with us on LinkedIn, and follow us on Twitter (@TGW_Knives) and Facebook as we continue our journey as the foremost authority in industrial machine knife excellence.

In the meantime, by all means feel free to contact us if you have any blade requirements by clicking here or calling 1-800-407-0173.

Best regards,

Jeff Litmer                                                                    Richard Wolstenholme, CEO
President                                                                      TGW Global
TGW International                                                      Wolstenholme Machine Knives Ltd.

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