Slow Cooking, Rapid Growth – Meet Sous Vide Cooking

Move over, Crock-Pot – there’s a new slow cooker in town! Over the last several years, sous vide cooking has been exploding in popularity. More consumers than ever are investing in sous vide equipment, and using this unique form of slow cooking.

This may be surprising to some people in the food industry – especially because sous vide cooking requires quite a bit of specialized equipment, including a thermometer, vacuum sealer, specialized thermal immersion circulators, hypodermic temperature probes, and more.

But whether they decide to try to make sous vide foods themselves, or are interested in sous vide dishes at restaurants, one thing is clear – more customers than ever want the option to enjoy this delicious slow cooking technique.

Consumers And Restaurants Alike Are Investing In Sous Vide Equipment

According to an article in Food NewsFeed Magazine, most manufacturers of sous vide equipment are seeing dramatic spikes in sales. PolyScience, a leading manufacturer of Sous Vide equipment, has increased their annual sales growth by more than 20 percent.

And though consumers are driving some of this demand, restaurants and food preparation services are also beginning to realize the benefits of sous vide cooking. More culinary institutions are using sous vide to cook meat and seafood.

Why? The answer is two-fold. First, sous vide cooking creates a juicy and delicious result – because the vacuum-sealed bag helps to keep in natural juices, marinades, and spices. It also helps minimize shrinkage and fluid loss. In turn, this produces an extraordinarily tender and delicious dish.

But that’s not all. Because sous vide is so precise and calculated, it’s easily repeatable. After the perfect temperature, cooking time, and seasoning for a particular dish has been established, it can be repeated over and over again. And because sous vide is a method that requires little-to-no attention from chefs, it’s a godsend to people who work in professional kitchens.

Rather than moving between a blazing hot skillet and a side dish to prepare a steak dinner, food service professionals can use sous vide to cook a steak – and focus all of their attention on preparing the sides, or other dishes that require immediate attention.

Sous Vide – More Than A “Flash In The Pan”

Whether it’s for a top-scale restaurant, a food solutions company like Sugarcreek, or an individual customer, sous vide is more than just a trend. It’s unique, fun, and provides delicious (and easy) results – so it’s no wonder that it’s becoming more and more popular. We don’t see that trend ending any time soon. From slitters to razorblades, our team at TGW can provide the right tools to serve this growing trend. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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