Gearing Up For The Summer With Organic Fruits And Veggies

The weather is finally starting to get a bit warmer and summer is right around the corner. That means that more fruits and vegetables will come into season – and sales of organic fruits and veggies are likely to climb into the warm months of summer.

While fruits and vegetable traditionally have been sold “loose” and packaged into bags by customers, this trend is being bucked by many companies selling organic products. This is because flexible plastic packaging is convenient – with features like handle holes, and breathable vents. Not only that, but better packaging can actually help sell more organic produce.

Packaging Helps Set Organic Produce Apart

Packaging has always been an important tool for selling products, but is often under-utilized when it comes to produce like fruits and veggies.

However, as organic produce has become more popular, more manufacturers are using clamshell boxes, plastic pouches, and other such types of packaging to help sell their produce. They can label fruits and veggies with branded logos, information about the organic nature and sustainability of the product, and more.

In turn, this catches the eye of the shopper, and helps educate them about the product and its benefits – translating directly to increased sales and better brand awareness.

Produce Packaging Helps Retailers

Pre-packed produce has a number of benefits not just for organic brands, but also for retailers. Because packaged produce is usually purchased in a larger volume, compared to “loose” produce, overall dollar sales increase. It’s also easier to create an attractive merchandising display with pre-packaged organic produce.

In addition, there is less shrink and waste due to issues like under-picked produce which may look unattractive, or produce being dropped on the floors. Finally, customers like the convenience of pre-packaged produce, which can simply be picked out, dropped into a cart, then purchased and stored in its packaging at home.

Looking To Package Your Produce? We Can Help!

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We offer all-in-one service, and can help with all of your needs when it comes to produce packaging this summer. Inquire today, and learn more about our services and products at TGW International.

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