How Machine Knives Assist in Making Board Games and Cards

It’s the summer, when friends and family can get together, relax, and enjoy the great weather. And there’s no better way to spend a weekend afternoon or a lazy vacation day than playing games with those who are closest to you.

But have you ever thought about how important machine knives are for creating things like board game pieces, cards, game boards, packaging and more? In this article, we’ll take a look at how a variety of machine knives, perf blades, and dies are used to help make the games you and your family love to play!

How Board Game Components Are Made – Understanding the Process!

There are many different components and parts that go into a board game, so let’s take a look at a few of these and discuss the integral role that machine knives play in making each component.

Let’s begin with playing cards. Whether you’re playing with a standard 52-card deck, or a custom deck for a board game, most cards are made in the same way. They’re printed onto large, flat rolls of paper, and then cut into sheets with machine knives. Then, once the sheets have been printed, each one is cut again, separating the sheets into individual cards. Then, these cards are sorted and placed into pre-cut boxes – which are also cut using machine knives and dies!

Game boards are often made similarly, but with a thicker cardstock or cardboard. After the board is printed onto a large sheet of cardboard material, each individual board is cut and punched out. Game boxes are similar, but usually more complex, as they are not flat. They must be bent into shape or cut using dies to assume the proper, box-like shape.

For smaller game components, perf blades are often used to cut out each piece out – but leave it in the original piece of cardboard for ease of packaging. If you’ve played Settlers of Catan or a similar game, you’ll know that the smaller tokens and parts of a board game are often not packaged loosely, but instead are contained within a larger piece of cardboard. Then, the first time you play the game, you “punch” each piece out. This helps prevent the loss of these tiny pieces during packaging and shipping.

Machine Knives Are Critical for Board Games and Card Games!

Machine knives, perf blades, and slitters from TGW International are more important than you think – even when it comes to recreation, like the production of board games and card games. We hope this blog has been informative, and helped you learn more about the importance of machine knives in our everyday lives!

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