Getting Muddy for Charity

Our TGW UK team loves to tackle challenges head on. This includes the Tough Mudder, an obstacle race where participants get down and dirty with their team to win the race. They were asked to participate in this event, centered around wellbeing and charity.

The Tough Mudder is an international race, aimed at participants of all abilities with races including:

  • The Lidl Mudder:  A race for adventure-seeking kids.  Lidl Mudder is a 1-mile course consisting of 4 laps jam packed full of obstacles to give kids the climb, jump, slide, and get dirty all while working together as a team.
  • The Tough Mudder 5K:  The medium-length race intended for teams to conquer together. Over the course, there are 13 obstacles including the Arctic Enema, a 25’ swimming pool packed full of 10,000 lbs. of ice, The Gauntlet, a 100’ obstacle that tests upper body strength, balance, and more, and Hydrophobia, a series of semi-submerged 20’ corrugated pipes participants crawl and slide through in murky mud water.
  • The Tough Mudder Classic:  A full-length 8-10 mile race with all the obstacles listed above and more, totaling at 25. These obstacles test participants’ will to push through with obstacles like the optional, but highly requested, Electroshock Therapy, 100 sq. ft. of mud and hay bales with dangling electrical wires to run through.
  • And much more:  Visit for more information!

The team of ten tackled the 5K obstacle race, raising money for Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest charity aimed at finding a cure to cancer. To quote the team, “It was the best laugh we’ve had in years.” They had a blast stumbling, laughing, and pulling each other (sometimes, quite literally) through the course!

This year, the we raised £1285 for charity and plan to tackle the full-length 10K race next year with 26 physically demanding obstacles.

We are very proud of our TGW Global UK team for coming together for laughs, community, and charity.  Please enjoy these photos from the event.

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