Try our fish processing blades today!

We specialize in high-quality, stainless steel rust-resistant fish processing knives for all saltwater fish, freshwater fish, and shellfish cutting and packaging operations, both offshore and land-based.

Our fish processing knives use the highest quality 300 or 400 series stainless steel available. If required, we can manufacture with 17-4 PH stainless. We can also passivate or electropolish your blades.

We specialize in seafood and freshwater fish processing for: filleting, skinning, heading, slicing, portioning, shrimp deveining, crab leg cutters, and ultrasonic cutters including packaging and vacuum packaging of finished product.

Today’s high-speed production lines demand the sharpest knives available, regardless of edge prep. Browse our fish processing and packaging options:

  • Processing Slitters
  • Slicers and Slotted Slicers
  • Micro Denture Slicer Blades
  • Portion Cutters
  • Macerators
  • Tenderizers
  • Tray Sealing Knives
  • …and much more!

Connect with our experts to discuss your blade and knife needs: or 1-800-407-0173.  For our Global Sales Department (outside of North America), contact: or +44 114 244 5600.

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