High Performance Cutting Tools, Blades, & Knives from TGW

TGW’s technological advancements in material composition, production methods, and manufacturing techniques result in knives of superior quality and durability. We provide high quality knives & cutting blades for our customers, while always working to improve our material technology and find new innovations. We also offer special requirement blades designed for optimum longevity while maximizing corrosion resistance, all are designed to improve cutting efficiency.

We have an unparalleled understanding of the many varieties and applications for cutting tools. We provide superior grades, hardness’s, and wear coating finishes as well as precise dimensional tolerances that can help your company achieve its goals. We have options for light duty, medium duty, and heavy-duty applications with high-capacity needs. You can select from our wide range of materials to achieve top performance and extend blade life for your application. A variety of configurations are available, depending on your application.

Material Options

Our product specialists can equip your processing equipment with the highest quality, toughest knives in the industry, with the cutting height and cutting capacity that you need. Standard material options include:

  • Carbon Steel
  • D2-HCHC
  • M2, M42 High Speed Steel
  • Stainless Steel (various grades)
  • Powdered Metal Tool Steel
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Ceramic

Knife Manufacturing Process

Our products are carefully crafted under strict quality control using OEM specifications. in-process quality control and inspection procedures assure individual knives meet design specifications. At final inspection, the dimensional integrity of each knife is documented before matched sets are packaged and inventoried.

Industries & Applications

At TGW, we are ready to prove to you what our high-quality cutting tools can do for your application. Our product specialists are available to answer your questions and provide practical advice and cost-cutting solutions for your individual needs. We offer industrial machine knife solutions for the following industries:

  • Food Processing: Replacement knives and related parts for the processing industry, producing products ranging from bakery and vegetables to meat and seafood. We work with clients to select the appropriate material, flatness, hardness, straightness, bevels and finishes for each unique processing application, allowing for consistent knife quality and maximized performance. With available configurations including straight and circular knives with serrated or scalloped teeth, and beveled cutting edges, we are here to be the trusted machine knife manufacturer of the processing industry.
  • Packaging: Packaging knives for all cutting applications including vertical form, fill, and seal (VFFS), horizontal wrapping, cup and tray sealing, and vacuum packaging. We use a precision crush ground technique, allowing us to provide our clients with products that boast consistent tooth profiles for precise cutting and high performance. Our equipment line and in-depth product knowledge allow us to repeat intricate shapes precisely and quickly, with a large inventory of stock items to meet your immediate needs.
  • Converting: Standard and precision circular and rectangular replacement industrial machine knives for all levels of the converting industry, ranging from paper, plastics, foils, tires and textiles to circuit boards and synthetic components. Each of our products is crafted from the highest-grade steel, with specially selected coatings to help prolong product life, minimize wear and increase performance. With a diverse in-stock inventory of standard replacement machine knives and air holders, our converting clients see consistently quick turnaround and minimal downtime.
  • Printing: Machine knives to serve the printing industry and meet all of your web press and sheetfed printing machinery, bindery, mail room and finishing department machinery needs. Our variety of steels, finishes and coatings allow for maximum wear resistance, dust control and cut quality to meet the needs of your unique application. With consistent hardness and burr-free edges, our machine knives provide you with top-notch performance for the rigorous environment of today’s high-speed printing production needs.

Contact TGW Today

At TGW, we have built a quality and service tradition in the industrial machine knife industry, with a legacy that has existed for over 100 years and a warranty on all products we make. We have the deep experience and versatility to provide you with the industrial knives you need for your application. Call or contact us today to get started. Our team is excited to work with you.

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