Wilder, Kentucky (September 15, 2022) – Edge Industrial Technologies today announced that Brian Powers has been named President of Edge, a leading manufacturer of industrial machine knives, punches and related equipment.

In this position, Mr. Powers will lead Edge’s global sales strategy.  Edge Industrial Technologies CEO Bob Woodbury stated “with all the improvements that have been made on the operations side, which have resulted in the shortest lead times in our served industries, it is now time to focus on enhancing our customer experience, and Brian Powers is the right person to take on this challenge”.

Most recently, Mr. Powers was the Chief Operations Officer for R.A. Jones & Co., having been promoted from Chief Sales Officer, and prior to that he was with Bosch Packaging Services, Inc. During his career, his roles have focused on managing operations, sales and customer relationships to drive growth and strengthen customer loyalty.  Mr. Powers is a retired military veteran, having risen to the rank of Major.  He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, and a master’s degree in business and organizational security from Webster University.


Edge Industrial Technologies is comprised of 3 industry leading brands – TGW International, Pearl Technologies Inc., and Leverwood Knife Works.  Edge companies are leading producers of industrial machine knives and blades, industrial punches and related equipment, for a wide variety of markets including packaging, processing, converting and print, as well as for general industrial applications. Edge Industrial Technologies is a global leader in the manufacture of these products, with plants in Europe, North America and Asia.

For more information, contact Edge Industrial Technologies, 5 Braco International Blvd., Wilder, KY  41076. Phone: (859) 647-7383. Or visit us at

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