Spreading Warmth and Cheer

The holiday season is a time for giving and, at TGW, we are embracing this spirit wholeheartedly. Two of our dedicated team members, David Horn and Joanne Teegarden, recently exemplified the essence of generosity.

David and Joanne collaborated on an initiative to donate Uline blankets to Perkins Country Manor Rehabilitation Center. This wasn’t just about providing physical warmth; it was about spreading emotional warmth and showing that we care about our community!

Perkins Country Manor is a place where many individuals reside, each with their own unique stories. The donation was more than just an act of charity; it was an effort to bring a little extra comfort and cheer into the lives of these residents.

But this is only the beginning! We at TGW believe in continuous efforts to give back to our community. Therefore, there’s more to come for the residents of Perkins Country Manor Rehabilitation Center. We are already planning our next steps to keep the wave of goodwill flowing.

At TGW, we don’t just see ourselves as a team working within a business; we see ourselves as part of a larger community. And in this community, every act of kindness counts, every smile makes a difference, and every gesture of goodwill spreads a little more cheer.

So here’s to the team at TGW, who have truly embodied the spirit of giving. And here’s to a future where we continue to spread warmth, love, and positivity to those around us.  Next year, we hope to make an even bigger, snugglier impact!

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