Fruits & Vegetables

The Highest Grade of Stainless Steel Available

Fruit and vegetable knives are an important part of TGW culture, dating back more than 100 years to 1908. We specialize in slicing, dicing, slitting, cup peeling, coring, and laser welded segment cutting, as well as cut-off knives and custom blades.

Our food processing knives and blades are for all food processing applications imaginable, including but not limited to slicing, cross cutting, interlock die cutting, guillotine cutting, and straight, circular, cupped, and laser welded shape cutters in toothed, serrated, scalloped, or perforated shapes. We specialize in manufacturing any type and shape of custom food processing knife. If you have unique specifications, contact us for a quick quote.

Using the proper materials, heat treatment, and surface conditioning on knives is important to prevent edge chipping and corrosion.


TGW can provide an accurate quote using an OEM model and part number, or prints and/or samples. We have an in-house materials lab to quickly check and identify the blade material, allowing us to provide accurate pricing and product recommendations.

Just a Few of Our Fruit Solutions 
  • Core cutters (apple, pineapple, etc.) 
  • Pit removal (apricot, cherry, peach, etc.) 
  • Slicers (apple, pear, strawberry, etc.) 
  • De-stemmers (cherry, plum, etc.) 
  • Cutters and saws (melon, coconut, etc.) 
  • Peelers and scoopers (mango, orange, melon, etc.) 
  • Segment cutters, slicers, or dicers (apple, banana, etc.) 
Processing a Variety of Vegetables 
  • Stem (asparagus, celery, rhubarb, etc.) 
  • Leafy (cabbage, lettuce, spinach, etc.) 
  • Flowering (artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) 
  • Stalk/Bulb (garlic, onion, etc.) 
  • Seed (beans, peanuts, peas, etc.) 
  • Root (beet, carrot, radish, etc.) 
  • Tuber (potato, yam, etc.) 
  • Fruit (avocado, eggplant, tomato, etc.)

Stainless Steel

Most stainless steel used for cutting fruits and vegetable are:

  • Austenitic Stainless Steel: Non-magnetic with a higher corrosion resistance, but softer in hardness. 
  • Martensitic Stainless Steel: Like 410, 420 and 440 stainless can be heat treated to a higher hardness for longer wear resistance. They are not as corrosion resistant but this can be offset with surface conditioning. 
  • Ferritic Stainless Steel: Offered by special request only. This grade cannot be hardened or strengthened with heat treatment. There are other specialty stainless steel grades that we can use to improve wear and/or corrosion resistance.
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