Cup And Tray Sealing Knives From TGW – The Best Option For Your Packaged Goods!

Whether you’re manufacturing food, coffee, cosmetics, or medical and pharmaceutical products, cup and tray sealing knives are an integral part of your product packaging line. And at TGW International, we specialize in creating durable, reliable knives that will provide you with excellent results. Learn more below, and see why we’re the best choice for your cup and tray sealing knives.

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Knives For Cup And Tray Sealing Equipment

At TGW, we specialize in manufacturing knives used on tray and cup sealing equipment. This includes:

  • Tray sealing knives
  • Cup sealing knives
  • Single-serve cup knives
  • Pod knife punches

Best of all, these can all be configured for your exact shape and size – and the equipment you’re using, from double-bay to 4-bay and 5-bay machinery. Our team will use high-precision CNC formers to ensure proper form and fit qualities – and with our unique, durable coatings, we can achieve a long lifespan for each and every knife.

We understand that it can be a challenge to select the right knife material and tooth profile to cut materials like film, foil, or laminate – which is why our technical team will work closely with you throughout the design and manufacturing process. We offer typical turnaround times of 3-4 weeks for standard tray and cup sealing knives – but we can offer faster delivery in some cases. Contact your TGW sales professional for more information about rush orders.

We Serve Dozens Of Industries With High-Quality Cup & Tray Sealing Knives

Thanks to our ability to create custom knives for any industry, we serve clients in a wide variety of industries and specializations. A few products and industries served with cup and tray sealing knives include:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Cosmetic and personal care
  • Dairy creamer and yogurt
  • Frozen food
  • Household and cleaning product
  • Meat, seafood, and poultry
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Pet food
  • Ready-to-eat meals and single-serve snacks
  • Salad, fruit, and vegetable
  • Sauce, condiment, soup, and hummus

Whether you’re manufacturing one of these products – or you’re in search of high-quality cup & tray sealing knives for any other purpose – TGW International is here to help.

Contact Us To Inquire About Our Cup & Tray Sealing Knives

Interested in our standardized designs? Want to inquire about a custom knife design for your proprietary equipment? Either way, TGW International is here to help. So don’t wait. Contact us online or give us a call at 859-647-7383 to get started.


Understanding Thermoforming, Vacuum, and Blister Packaging Knives

Wondering how you can get the best machine knives for thermoformed packaging, vacuum packaging, and blister packaging? In this blog, we’ll help you learn more about the unique challenges posed by these packaging materials, and how we can help you get the high-quality knives you need for consistent product quality. Let’s get started.

The Unique Challenges Of Vacuum Packaging Knives

First, let’s start with vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging has a number of benefits – it helps save space, and it also is ideal for preserving food products, and providing them with an extended shelf life.

But if you plan on creating vacuum packaged products, you need to make sure you have the right machine knives. Typically, the plastic film used to create vacuum packaging materials is 3 to 4x thicker compared to traditional shrink-wrap and other commonly-used wrapping materials.

This can make the film more difficult to cut – and if you don’t have sharp, long-lasting machine knives for your vacuum packaging units, you may encounter QA difficulties after long production runs.

The Importance Of High-Quality Thermoformed & Blister Packaging Knives

Vacuum packaging isn’t the only challenging packaging material – thermoformed materials and blister packaging can also be very difficult to cut properly, due to the more brittle and tough nature of the plastic film and sheeting used for this type of packaging.

It’s important to be able to cut cleanly through thermoformed and blister packaging without damaging the product itself – and that means you need to optimize the tooth profile of your blades, choose the right material for your machine knives, and work with a high-quality supplier like TGW International for consistent, reliable results.

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Machine Knives In Custom & OEM Designs

Whether you are creating vacuum-sealed, thermoformed, or blister packaging, TGW has the skills, expertise, and know-how to create high-quality knives for the most demanding packaging applications. We offer a tremendous number of OEM and custom designs for knives of all types, including:

  • Serrated knives
  • Perforated knives
  • EZ open knives
  • Cross cutoff knives
  • Circular slitters
  • Notched slitters
  • Air punches
  • Shaped cutters
  • Star punches
  • Circular hole punches
  • Euro punches
  • Piercing blades

No project is too big or too small – and with the most advanced materials and coatings, we can ensure that you maximize the lifespan of your knife.

Our Knives & Expertise Can Transform Your Packaging!

At TGW International, we serve a huge variety of industries – from manufacturers of baked goods, meats and seafood, and snack foods, to consumer goods companies, electronics companies, and even medical and pharmaceutical companies.

You can trust our knives and our expertise – and maximize efficiency, product quality, and overall production volume at your plant. Click here to start browsing a few of our knives right away – or contact us online for more information.

Safety First – Our Core Value

Our Commitment to Safety

EDGE considers safe operations to be our first and most important core value. Only through a collaborative effort by ALL of us, can this be achieved. It is the responsibility of ALL of us, to participate in the zero harm program. The ONLY acceptable goal for our safety program is ZERO injuries. Our safety culture will always be a big part of who we are.

Key Concepts

Find, report, act, protect are the 4 primary responsibilities of all our EDGE employees.

  • Find:  It is your responsibility to actively search for and FIND unsafe behaviors, hazards and conditions.
  • Report:  It is your responsibility to REPORT unsafe behaviors, hazards and conditions so that we can correct them and prevent future injuries.
  • Act:  It is your responsibility to ACT upon unsafe behaviors, hazards and conditions quickly and correctly before they become incidents.
  • Protect:  It is your responsibility to PROTECT our culture by learning how to avoid unsafe behaviors, hazards and conditions.  We learn from our past and can improve our mindset as a team for the future.

Our SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) Representative Team:  

By representing your colleagues you are helping to make the workplace healthier and safer for everyone.  Worker involvement is fundamental to good health and safety performance.  This is because employees who do the job can recognize potential risks based on experience, put practical controls in place and make a commitment to health and safety  in their workplace.  Contact your SHE Committee Member if interested in serving.


The ONLY acceptable goal is ZERO injuries!

Try our fish processing blades today!

We specialize in high-quality, stainless steel rust-resistant fish processing knives for all saltwater fish, freshwater fish, and shellfish cutting and packaging operations, both offshore and land-based.

Our fish processing knives use the highest quality 300 or 400 series stainless steel available. If required, we can manufacture with 17-4 PH stainless. We can also passivate or electropolish your blades.

We specialize in seafood and freshwater fish processing for: filleting, skinning, heading, slicing, portioning, shrimp deveining, crab leg cutters, and ultrasonic cutters including packaging and vacuum packaging of finished product.

Today’s high-speed production lines demand the sharpest knives available, regardless of edge prep. Browse our fish processing and packaging options:

  • Processing Slitters
  • Slicers and Slotted Slicers
  • Micro Denture Slicer Blades
  • Portion Cutters
  • Macerators
  • Tenderizers
  • Tray Sealing Knives
  • …and much more!

Connect with our experts to discuss your blade and knife needs: or 1-800-407-0173.

TGW is operational and ready to assist

We are taking measures to ensure employee and customer health and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The health and safety of TGW International’s employees, partners, and customers is our top priority in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are taking all necessary precautions recommended by the CDC to ensure that we all remain safe and healthy, including taking extra measures within sanitation and facilities, as well as limiting travel for our employees. We also have of our office staff working remotely to comply with social distancing recommendations. We will continue to follow recommendations from the CDC as well as State and Local government guidelines as the situation evolves.

TGW International will remain operational under normal business hours (Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST) and ready to provide you with the high-quality service you expect from our team. To reach us, please email or call 1-800-407-0173.

The TGW brand has seen quite a bit throughout our 110-year history, and we have always put you first. Our supply chain is robust and our facilities are fully staffed and operating at full capacity.  Additionally, we are well-stocked with a wide variety of products in our centrally located Cincinnati distribution facility.

While we are not currently experiencing significant issues, to ensure your needs are met, we encourage you to speak with a representative today.  We want to remain proactive so we can continue to provide you with the highest-quality knives and blades. Let’s work together to put plans in place and keep ahead of possible logistical setbacks or challenges. Please let us know how we can help!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ted Barrett Promotion

We are pleased to announce the following promotion within the EDGE organization.

Effective immediately, Ted Barrett has been promoted from Market Manager, Food Packaging & Processing Product Group, to Technical Market Manager. In his new capacity Ted will be responsible for all TGW products and market segments.

Ted has been in the industrial machine knife industry for over 30 years and started with TGW/EDGE in 2007. Ted’s technical expertise has been instrumental in providing customer needs and bringing many vendors on board for the company. Ted’s vast machine knife knowledge has allowed him to be flexible and serve the company on the Printing/Converting side of the business as well. Going forward, we will continue to benefit from Ted’s knowledge in all things “machine knife” and look forward to Ted’s contribution to EDGE’s overall growth.

Please join us in congratulating Ted on this well-earned promotion!