Seafood Processing Blades

High Quality, Rust Resistant Blades and Knives for Seafood Facilities

Seafood processing is a demanding application that requires precision, efficiency, and durability. Specifically, the blades used in seafood processing must withstand the highly corrosive marine environment while delivering clean and precise cuts. TGW blades are engineered with this in mind, offering improved corrosion resistance that not only stands up to the saltwater environment on processing ships but also ensures longevity and consistent, dependable performance. Our blades help seafood processing operations avoid constant replacements and downtime, resulting in a seamless and more cost-effective production process.

Additionally, TGW blades boast a superior sharpness right out of the package, eliminating the need for pre-use honing for faster change-overs. Furthermore, our  blades stay sharper longer, which means less frequent changes for resharpening. The combination of these features creates a measurable improvement in processing time, bolstering throughput rates for businesses.

Resharpening is a cinch because TGW blades hold their edges more effectively. This not only facilitates quicker resharpening but also minimizes removal of the blade material, allowing for more resharpenings before reaching the blade’s minimum run diameter. TGW blades’ balance and accuracy—running straight and true—translate into superior quality cuts, reducing potential product waste.

With TGW seafood processing blades, you get reliable performance and repeatable results, resulting in improved yields and productivity.

Look no further than TGW than for your fish processing knives for all saltwater fish, freshwater fish, and shellfish cutting and packaging operations, both offshore and land-based. Request a quote today!


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