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TGW has built a quality and service tradition in the industrial machine knife industry, with a legacy that has existed for over 100 years. We boast a unique array of dedicated machines and manufacturing cells to meet the consistent demand of our dynamic customers’ needs with quick turnaround. Our products are carefully crafted under strict quality control using OEM specifications. Most of our knives are available in stock, with high quality materials selected to prolong the life and performance of the product. Our vast inventory allows for same-day shipping on a large variety of standard knives and products.

a global leader

Superior Quality Craftsmanship

Utilizing only the finest craftsmanship, we are a global leader and the go-to machine knife manufacturer for OEMs across industries. At TGW, we leverage our 100-plus years of industry experience to bring a unique understanding of machine knife composition, providing superior-quality material grades, hardness and finishes, and precise dimensional tolerances to provide our customers maximum yield.

Our sales staff is genuinely focused on optimizing our customers’ production process and truly owns the customer experience from start to finish when buying from TGW. Starting with an in-depth understanding of the machine knife industry, we take the time to get to know your specific production needs and applications—making sure the right quality knife is in your hands at the right time. We are your full lifecycle supplier-partner.

TGW is an EDGE Industrial Technologies company.

We deliver nothing less than the highest quality knives

With superior technical expertise and the best service in the industrial machine knife industry.

Trained & Dedicated

Meet Our Team

TGW International has a highly trained and experienced staff dedicated to helping you get the right blade for your application needs.

North American Sales  |  UK/EMEA Sales  |  Marketing/Management  |  Operations

North American Sales Staff

Alex Bohme

Cullen Redmond

Brent Van Orsdel

Matthew Dettmer

Joey Razzano

Justin Romito

Jason Frost

Chris Bradford

Nathan Turner

Shawn Moore

Senior Inside Sales Manager

Danny Kasper

Regional Sales Manager

Jack Marchetti

Regional Sales Manager

Mike Oliver

Regional Sales Manager

Tom Paliga

Regional Sales Manager

Kirk Thompson

Key Accounts Manager

David Ginfrida

Key Accounts Manager

UK/EMEA Sales Staff

Mattia Asaro

Sales Coordinator

Kerry Barker

Inside Sales Manager

Faye Bramall

Sales Coordinator

Claudia Cozzi

Regional Sales Manager

Gareth Dean

Regional Sales Manager

Elena Margrita

Key Accounts Manager

Marketing/Management Staff

Jennifer Fowler

Marketing Manager

Jeff Hartzler

Product Development Program Manager

Eric Pfeiffer

Vice President Marketing

Rocke Saccone

Vice President of Sales

Dawn Shannon

Vice President, Global Key Accounts

Andrew Whitworth

Market Manager

Operations Staff

Tejal Desai

India Director

Nishant Garg

Dave Horn

US Warehouse Manager

Darryl Moyer

Procurement Manager

Dale Newton

Global Planning Manager

Joanne Teegarden

Human Resource Manager

Doug Teuful

Supply Chain Senior Manager

Carl Walshaw

Technical Sales & Quality Manager

Rob Wood

US Quality Manager