Inlaid Carbide Knivess

At TGW, we provide the highest quality knives available for all your Pressroom, Bindery & Mailroom, Finishing, and Tag & Label machinery. Our variety of steels, finishes, and coatings allows for maximum wear resistance, dust control, and quality. With consistent hardness and burr-free edges, our machine knives provide you with top-notch performance for the rigorous environment of today’s high speed printing production needs. Our printing products include:

Anti Gusset Cut Off Knives
Beveled Knives
Bottom Slitters & Anvils
Carbide Roughing Inserts
Carbide Shredder Teeth
Circular Perfs
Circular Top Flat & Dished Slitters
Dished Slitters
Doctor Blades for Gravure and Flexo
Folder Blades
Folder Cross Cut Off Knives
Guide Bars

Herringbone Perfs
Inlaid Carbide Straight Knives
Inlaid Carbide Circular Knives
Inline Rotary Cutters
Jaw Blades
Perforating Slitters
Pneumatic Air Holders
Rotary & Fixed Cutoff Knives
Rotary Trimmer Carbide Inserts
Rotary Trimmer Solid Carbide Anvils
Score and Crush Cut Slitters
Serrated Knives
Sheeter Knives

Solid Carbide Knives
Solid and Split Top Slitters
Solid and Split Top Perforating Slitters
Solid Carbide Knives
Springs and Bushings
Tension Rollers
Timed Perfs
Top Slitters
Tucker Blades

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