High Speed Printing Presses Command High Quality Industrial Knives

Speed drives almost all technological innovations.

The assembly line was built because Henry Ford wanted to put his cars together more quickly. The internet was created because data transfers between information agencies were too slow. The airplane was invented because the Wright Brothers thought that ocean-based transport took too long – and they thought of a better way.

Speed drives technological innovation, and vice versa. And as advanced manufacturing techniques become more common, and speed and efficiency both increase, businesses need to take note – especially in the print industry.

In the print industry, speed is more important than ever before. Finishing projects more quickly can provide an incredible competitive edge – which is especially crucial in today’s increasingly digital world.

Because of this, US printers must do everything in their power to do things more effectively – and gain an edge over the competition.

The War Of Speed – Today’s Modern Printers Are Faster Than Ever

Because faster printers mean more value for printing companies, a “war of speed” has developed over the last decade or so.

In 2004, a top-of-the-line KBA offset printer topped out at 18,000 sheets per hour – but less than 10 years later, there are multiple offset printers that are capable of topping out at more than 100,000 sheets per hour.

Though speed is essential in the modern printing world, it’s important to note that it’s only a piece of the puzzle. For true efficiency, US printers must maximize printer speed – and also minimize printer downtime.

Understanding The Costs Of Printer Downtime

The increased emphasis on speed in modern printing has created a unique situation – downtime in the printing industry is more costly than ever before. Because modern printers can handle larger orders in shorter periods of time, even brief service interruptions can lead to costly delays and lost profits.

Despite the many innovations in printer technology, many organizations have to deal with frequent downtime in their printing and finishing operations, often caused by faulty components, worn-out cutting knives, and other basic maintenance procedures.

A survey performed by Bell & Howell revealed that 54% of professionals in the printing industry suffered from more than 3 downtime incidents every year and that a further 21% of companies suffered from 2-3 downtime incidents in the previous year.

Of these incidents, 61% were resolved within 2-6 hours – while 13% required more than 12 hours of repair.

The costs of these incidents are vast – high repair costs, lost revenue, and low product quality are all common problems associated with downtime incidents. And for maximum efficiency and profit, these issues must be avoided at all costs.

The Best Printers Demand The Best Knives

In today’s cut-throat printing industry, you need every edge you can get to stay competitive. If you’re looking to minimize system downtime and maximize the profitability of your printing business, start with the basics – start with high-quality, durable, and reliable knives from TGW International.

We provide powerful, efficient cutting solutions for web presses, sheet presses, printing presses, and more. Our high-quality carbide blades and dished slitters perform reliably and efficiently. Expect more from your industrial knife provider. Contact TGW today, and see how we can help keep you running in the high-speed, high-pressure world of modern printing.

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