How Machine Knives Play a Big Role in the Snack Food Industry

Whether you’re snacking on a packet of peanuts, a bag of Cheetos, or a Swiss Cake Roll, you have machine knives to thank for the food and its packaging.

With every snack comes a package and, in our hunger, we often overlook the package, as we tear into it to access the tasty treats within.

But the packaging industry in America is enormous, and worldwide, it’s worth nearly $975 billion. Machine knives play a huge part in food processing and packaging. At TGW International, we’re proud to be the top supplier of high-quality industrial machine knives for the food service industry.

Slicing and Dicing Ingredients

If you’re eating a packaged snack, machine knives were involved in the process of creating it.

This is especially true of one of the most common snacks in the business, potato chips. TGW International provides high-quality steel knives that are ideal for slicing potatoes into razor-thin chips, and allowing them to be fried to that perfect, crispy and crunchy texture.

So next time you pop open a bag of chips, think about the knife that sliced your chip and how your snacking experience is enhanced by the perfect chip size and thickness. You’ve got a knife to thank for that.

Separating Snacks

For baked snacks and goods, such as brownies or cakes, machine knives are often used to cut and separate sheets of cooked dough or batter, to form the final shape of a snack. As the final results must be picture-perfect, particularly if they’re in transparent plastic packaging, a sharp knife is critical for this step.


The final way that machine knives are involved in making snacks is packaging.

There are so many snack foods and they must be differentiated from one another with different packages. A great, high-quality package can make all of the difference in the grocery aisle, or at a convenience store.

Machine knives are also integral to this step. By providing clean, crisp cuts to packages, they enhance the attractiveness of a snack, and help promote it to customers.

Get the Best Machine Knives from TGW International

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of using high-quality machine knives, TGW International is here to help. Take a look at our website now, and learn more.

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