TGW International: How Our Custom Machine Knives Can Help You

Poultry Processing Knives, Processing Machine Knives, Slicer Blades

At TGW International, we’re specialists in the development, manufacturing, and testing of machine knives. With decades of experience in the industry, our company can help you get the knives you need to speed up manufacturing, reduce downtime, and ensure consistent cuts and performance. Learn more about our custom machine knives now and see if working with TGW International is the right choice for your company.

We Have Experience in A Variety of Industries

Our knives are the blade of choice for manufacturers and companies in a variety of industries. We do it all – from poultry processing knives, to scraper blades used in the dairy and baking industry, bagger knives for packaging, inlaid carbide printing knives for magazine and newspaper companies, and top slitters for paper producers.

Custom Orders and Designs Available – Let Us Help You Design the Perfect Solution!

If you’re in need of a unique blade and you can’t find the proper product on the market, even with the wide selection of products we always have available, we’re here to help. We can manufacture custom blades based on your specifications. If desired, we can even collaborate with you to design and develop a brand-new blade, put it through testing, and implement it in your company.

We can handle any type of project. We work with all types of knife materials, from carbon steel, to tungsten carbide and ceramic, as well as coatings like PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE), Titanium Nitride, and more. If you’re interested in working with us, let us know!

We Work with Companies of All Sizes

Whether you work at a smaller manufacturing company and need a relatively small number of custom knives, or you’re a part of a multinational conglomerate and require a huge supply of knives, we’re here to help. We supply knives and custom blades to companies of all sizes – and we would be glad to hear from you and learn more about how we can help you meet your organizational goals.

Contact Us Now to Get Started

Whether you’d just like to learn more about our current lineup of machine knives, or you need a custom knife for your next project, the team at TGW International is here to help. If you’d like to get started, you can contact us online, or give us a call at 859-647-7383. Get in touch today and see how TGW International can help you get the knives and blades you need to succeed.

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