World Leading Packaging Solutions

In the packaging industry, the focus is on convenience and speed, and at TGW, we stay true to the trends. We have a unique array of dedicated machines and manufacturing cells to meet the demand with quick turnaround.

At TGW, we manufacture industrial machine knives for many types of packaging applications including VFFS, HFFS, cup and tray sealing, rollstock, and vacuum packaging, with cutting edges including straight tooth bagger knives, zig zag flow wrappers, cross cut and slitting knives. We can manufacture a range of OEM tooth designs including serrated, perforated and EZ open profiles, and have the ability to add tear notches, wear and nonstick coatings to cater to your unique application.

We use nothing less than superior European grades of stainless steel, combined with precision sharpening techniques to provide a consistent tooth profile for package appearance, maximum yields and the ability to cut all grades and thickness of films. We also have the ability to manufacture new or reconditioned sealing jaws or crimpers for a more convenient, cost-effective purchase.

At TGW, we leverage our 100 years of industry experience to bring a unique understanding of machine knife composition, providing superior-quality material grades, hardness and finishes, and precise dimen-sional tolerances to provide our customers maximum yields.

We deliver nothing less than the highest quality knives, with superior technical expertise and the best service in the industrial machine knife industry. Contact us at +44 [0] 114 2445600 for all of your machine knife needs.

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