The Growing Vegetable Trend and Its Relationship With Food Processing

Dieticians and physicians, rejoice! More Americans than ever are eating fruit and vegetables – and demand is only predicted to grow in the future!

According to market research firm Packaged Facts, Americans continued to consume fresh produce at a growth rate of 1.3% between 2011 and 2016. These annual gains are expected to continue through at least 2021, according to the company.

Trends Influencing High Vegetable And Fruit Consumption

All market groups have high usage rates for vegetables and fruits. Part of the growth in vegetable and fruit consumption could be related to “meal prep” – individuals who prepare lunches and other meals for their week in advance. Millennials and Gen X individuals are more likely to be part of this trend, and prefer fresh vegetables for their meals.

Packaged recipe services, such as Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh could also be driving consumers to purchase more produce. These “meal kits” make it easy to prepare meals using fresh ingredients, making cooking approachable for just about everyone.

In addition, an increased focus on organic, non-GMO, and locally-sourced product is increasing demand for specific types of fruits and vegetables. Today’s consumers are more likely to be aware of the source of their produce, and may prefer to purchase vegetables and fruit from local farmers.

Technology Is Driving The Consumption Of Produce

Juices are one of the biggest trends that are causing consumers to crave more fresh fruits and vegetables, and production/packaging technologies are advancing to meet this need.

“Cold-pressed” juices are a big trend in the health food space. Cold-pressed juice uses only pressure from presses and machine-driven belts to extract juice from both fruits and vegetables – minimizing flavor changes due to oxidation and heat.

This results in a delicious, highly-nutritious juice with a very low shelf life. Most cold-pressed juice must be refrigerated at all times, and will expire within less than a week of manufacturing.

That’s why High Pressure Processing (HPP) and other such technologies have become popular. They allow the shelf life of juices to be extended, but require no heat or additional ingredients.

TGW International – Helping Customers In The Produce Industry

At TGW International, we provide solutions to customers in varying sectors of the produce industry. Our quality control measures for our knives meet FDA and OEM standards for corrosion resistance and durability.

In turn, this aids you in the processing of fruits and vegetables – resulting in a better quality product for end consumers.

Whether your produce is destined for a meal kit, supermarket, or even a cold-pressed juice, we are here to help. No matter what you need to cut, our precision ground machine knives won’t disappoint. So take a look at our products now, and see how TGW International can help you prepare for the continued growth of the vegetable industry.

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