Get Ready for Summer Picnics with Fruits, Vegetables, and… Machine Knives?

As summer begins to ramp up, we’re all going to start spending a lot more time outdoors – and summer parties and picnics are one of the best pastimes, allowing us to enjoy the warm weather and delicious food.

Of course, no summer picnic or party would be complete without veggie trays and delicious, summer fruits like peaches, blueberries, watermelons and cherries. We all know that!

But what you might not know is just how important machine knives from companies like TGW International are for cutting and packaging fruits and veggies – so read on below and learn more about this subject.

Knives for Processing Fruits and Vegetables

There are quite a few different types of knives that are often used to prepare and process fruits and vegetables.

  • Circular blades – Circular blades are used to cut and slice fruits and vegetables quickly and precisely.
  • Cutoff knives – These knives are used for portioning, guillotine cutting, scissor cutting, and swing-style cutting and are available in many different configurations.
  • Straight knives – These knives are ideal for cutting, peeling, skiving, slicing and dicing foods like potatoes (for potato salad, a summertime essential) watermelon, cabbage, squash, and more.

So, this summer, don’t just think about the delicious taste of your favorite fruit or vegetable, think about how machine knives may have been used to prepare it!

Packaging Knives – Cutting and Preparing Packaging for Your Favorite Foods

Machine knives aren’t just used to cut and prepare fruits and vegetables, but also in the creation of packaging materials, plastic boxes, plastic bags, stand up pouches and conversion of flexible packaging materials as well as packaging of fruit & vegetables themselves like veggie trays, dips and fruit cups.

Depending on the type of packaging that is being manufactured, many different types of blades may be used; slitter blades and knives for plastic bags, tray knives and cup sealing knives for packaging the product, and so on. Regardless of the type of packaging, machine knives are essential for the presentation quality and display of your favorite fruit and vegetable products!

Enjoy Your Summer Picnics and Parties Thanks to Machine Knives!

Thanks to modern machine knives from companies like TGW International, it’s easy to get high-quality fruit and vegetable products for your summer picnic and enjoy all of your favorite foods in convenient, easy-to-open packaging.

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