Extend the Life of Poultry Processing Blades

A pile of raw chicken ready to be sliced with an industrial poultry knife.

The pressure is on for turkey and chicken processors. Reliable, long-lasting industrial poultry knives are crucial if your operation is going to keep pace in today’s high-demand, high-pressure marketplace.

Here’s how to make poultry processing blades last longer so you can cut downtime, reduce parts and maintenance costs, and protect your margins.

Stay Sharp: Making Poultry Processing Blades Last Longer

Fall is the time to talk turkey in the poultry processing game and this year is particularly challenging. U.S. flocks have been hard hit by this year’s HPAI outbreak, with the USDA warning that third-quarter production could be down almost 11% over the same period last year—just as high inflation is spiking consumer demand for more affordable poultry proteins.

At certain times of the year, processors can find themselves under increased pressure to ensure there is enough of a particular product available, like turkey around Thanksgiving or BBQ chicken in the summer. That time of year is no time for an equipment breakdown. Here’s how to be sure your critical poultry processing knives keep cutting so you can keep your promises to your customers.

Choose Quality Blades Based on 5 Key Factors

Choosing quality knives is a top priority in the poultry-processing game. With major processing plants handling up to 30,000 birds an hour, a peak-season blade failure can have serious (and expensive) consequences, including:

  • Costly downtime and missed production targets
  • Higher maintenance and labor costs
  • Potential equipment damage or food contamination

In short, skimping on the quality of your critical cutting edges is for the birds. Instead, choose premium quality knives from a leading industry supplier like TGW International. In particular, keep an eye out for these 5 factors in good quality blades:

1: Dedicated Design

As a major supplier to the poultry-processing industry, our blades are specifically made for your process and OEM-supplied machines. TGW makes the widest range of blades to help you cut cleaner, increase yields, and right-size your portions. We provide an end-to-end selection of straight and circular blades for:

  • Slaughter
  • Portioning
  • Packaging

We meet and surpass specifications for all OEM equipment and are the supplier of choice for several major brands. And, our engineering team’s unrivaled knowledge and experience allow us to deliver custom-made blades to meet your individual application.

2: Innovative Materials

With more than 100 years of experience crafting industrial blades, TGW brings a deep understanding of how machine knife composition, material grades, and hardness affect both performance and durability. We supply quality crafted and expert-tempered products including:

  • Tough high-carbon steels
  • Specialized high-speed, high-temperature alloys
  • Corrosion-resistance stainless steels and ceramic

3: Better Edges

Smart material choice and quality manufacturing mean our expert sharpeners can apply a better edge to every blade we make. Precision grinding means our edges will cut cleaner for longer, keeping your line moving and ensuring the quality and consistency of your product.

4: Specialist Coatings

Poultry processing is tough on blades. High speeds, plenty of moisture, and frequent cleanings mean some blades, such as splitters, may need to be changed out after just a few hours. For the most demanding applications, TGW provides a range of blade coatings designed to:

  • Increase hardness and wear resistance
  • Reduce adhesion
  • Maximize corrosion resistance

In fact, high-tech titanium nitride, carbonitride, and diamond-like carbon coatings allow knives with more complex edge shares—including slotted, teethed, and scalloped blades—to be used in even the toughest cutting environment. Talk to us about how our coatings can bring the right blade to your process.

5: Resharpenable Blades

You can extend the life of your blades by following regular cleaning routines using the correct materials, and by requiring your staff to wear proper clothing and hairnets to maintain hygiene and keep foreign materials from coming into contact with the blade. Simply cleaning the area around your equipment will also protect your blades.

However, even the best-made blades will not stay sharp forever. TGW’s knives and precision edges can often be resharpened three or four times. While you’ll pay more up front for a premium blade, most of our straight and circular knives cut cleaner for longer and can be resharpened—providing a much longer lifetime than a single-use budget blade.

Expect Great Service

Great, long-lasting blades are worth nothing if you can’t get them when you need them. At TGW we back up every one of our quality-first precision products with an unmatched commitment to service.

Biggest Stock

With more than 2,500 individual designs in stock, TGW holds more industrial knives on hand than anyone else. We can also work with you to manufacture and hold specialty knives in stock so you can invest in custom-designed equipment with confidence.

Same-Day Shipping

For in-stock blades, we offer same-day shipping, allowing you to get your blades exactly when you need them.

Fast Customization

TGW can manufacture and ship most custom or made-to-order blades within two weeks. With end-to-end control of our design and manufacturing supply chain, we work with you to design, craft, and ship your specialized product faster.

Our Double-Check Promise

To guarantee you have the right blade at the right time, our staff double-checks every order to make sure we ship the right blade with the right dimensions every single time.

Choose TGW for Long-Lasting Quality

Quality counts when the pressure is on. Choosing precision-made, clean-cutting blades from TGW Industries will help keep your line moving and your product quality consistent while minimizing the chance of unplanned stoppages or failures.

Click below to learn more about how an investment in TGW’s purpose-made poultry processing knives provides the long-term quality, durability, and peace of mind you need to deliver on your promises.



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