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Quality Poultry Processing Blades: Key to Meeting Market Demands

Poultry processing is a class of its own. There’s demand for poultry throughout the year, whether it’s BBQ, wings, on pizza, chicken parmesan or the kids’ favorite, chicken tenders! And being it’s not a seasonal item like cranberries and pumpkins, there’s never really any downtime in poultry processing. And it won’t be slowing down any. . .

Extend the Life of Poultry Processing Blades

A pile of raw chicken ready to be sliced with an industrial poultry knife.

The pressure is on for turkey and chicken processors. Reliable, long-lasting industrial poultry knives are crucial if your operation is going to keep pace in today’s high-demand, high-pressure marketplace. Here’s how to make poultry processing blades last longer so you can cut downtime, reduce parts and maintenance costs, and protect your margins. Stay Sharp: Making. . .

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