Achieving the Industry’s Shortest Lead Times on Tray Knives

Short Lead Times are a Top Priority

We Plan for 2 Weeks or Less

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘time is money.’ And while some might feel it’s somewhat of a cliché, the reality is there’s only so much time in the day to get what we want completed and fulfilled. Unfortunately, we can’t add more hours to the day—after all, we need to sleep and eat sometime!

Still, there’s no doubt that your company is constantly dealing with orders, deadlines and everything in between. This is why efficient lead times are so important as you want to keep customers happy and not experience revenue loss. You need the most efficient lead times possible. That’s why here at TGW International, we place short lead times as an absolute must-have priority for packaging, printing, converting and food processing applications.

We’re proud of the fact that we have the shortest lead times on made-to-order tray knives. In fact, it’s a best in industry: 2 weeks or less vs. up to 10 weeks for our competition.

How do we accomplish this? Let’s take a closer look at our process.

Experience is Key

TGW boasts quite the history and tradition in the industrial machine knife industry. Our legacy has existed for more than 100 years! The company was founded in 1908 in Sheffield UK. and in 1994, TGW opened its US distribution center in Wilder, KY. TGW established its Indore, India plant in 2010. And in 2018, TGW became part of the EDGE Industrial Technologies network of companies. As you can see, we’re truly a global company.

We know first-hand that machine knife manufacturing requires the utmost craftsmanship. We’re not shy to say that TGW features the leading experts in the industry when it comes to machine knife composition, understanding material grades, and ensuring the exact dimensional tolerances.

In addition to the combination of an all-star staff and drawing on our history, we have a diverse area of machines and manufacturing cells that help us meet the demands of customers and help produce such a quick turnaround for tray knives. Strict quality control is essential as we ensure the products fulfil the OEM specifications.

Offering Custom-Made Solutions and Inventory Options

Trays, tubs and cups are all part of the dynamic packaging industry. Our knives are suitable for all your flexible packaging needs, from plastic to paper to foil and film applications. Knives for these applications are formed to specific shapes and sizes for your individual products. TGW tray knives are available in a variety of shapes and tooth styles, and no mounting design is too complex for our experts.

We especially understand that there are crucial times when you need a custom solution for your application. This is why custom knives are also available with fast turn-around deliveries. The sky is the limit with design and we’ve helped put together all kinds of custom options—even dog-shaped!

We also want to point out that most of our knives are in stock and available today, which all include high quality materials that ensure the life and performance of your product! Offering such a large and diverse inventory is another great option as well.

Constantly Learning and Looking Ahead

We’re always looking for ways to grow our expertise and learn new practices in food processing, converting and packaging. One of the best ways to stay ahead of trends and grow our knowledge base is by participating in the various industry trade shows and conferences held across the U.S. and abroad. We place a priority to exhibit and attend shows such as Converters Expo, Pack Expo, Interpack and more.

Trends are always evolving and attending the trade shows and conferences provide TGW with an array of information that we bring back to the factory floors. Plus, it allows us to visit with our loyal customers and meet new ones too. A company is only as good as its partnerships and we value seeing our customers in person when we can. After all, there’s nothing like meeting and seeing people face-to-face so be sure to catch us as the next trade show and conference!

To learn more, contact our sales team today! For inquiries in North America, contact: or 1-800-407-0173. For our Global Sales Department (outside of North America), contact: or +44 114 244 5600.

Also, be sure to check out our below video that details how tray, tub, and cup knives from TGW offer unbeatable value. After all, the shortest lead times on MTO knives allow you to get up and running sooner.

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